Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trends 2013

Home Beautiful has said that the trend for 2013 has people looking at period furniture again----beautiful old pieces to mix with modern ones.   Why not check out the beautiful pieces on our web site and pay thousands less than an expensive antique to achieve the same look.



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things are changing at Antiques 2000!!!
In this competitive industry, we at Antiques 2000 recognize the need to offer top designs at incredible prices. Recognizing that the consumer has choices, we at Antiques 2000 made a conscious decision to work along with our factories, to decrease costs and create efficiencies allowing you the opportunity to offer more aggressive pricing. Retail consumer surveys have been very clear, today’s customer wants to see reduced pricing but without a reduction in the quality that they receive. That same survey states that the 21st century’s customer is also very environmentally conscious so therefore are seeking products that have been reclaimed, rather than seeing our precious resources being destroyed. At Antiques 2000, all of our products have always been and will continue to be green on all levels. It is with this pledge we go forward and announce our new pricelist showing you those vary decreases we know will help keep your business strong.

1. New location
2. new website coming
3. new pricing - Call us at 1-888-303-8841 or for a new price list
4. shipping
5. feedback (what are you looking for)